Time-lapse is a popular technique in video creation where a large number of still shots are taken over a period of time then played back at the same frame rate as video to give the impression that time is passing very quickly. You have probably seen examples of time-lapse in nature documentaries or on other TV programmes. You can even create whole films based on this technique such as this one which we produced a few years ago of Plymouth University.


Dartmoor 2


Recently we needed to create some time-lapse sequences for a project we were working on. These needed to be of Plymouth and the surrounding area including Dartmoor National Park. In order to make the shots look extra dynamic and bring a real sense of interest to them we decided to use a technique called motion controlled time-lapse. This involves moving the camera a very small fixed amounts whilst taking several hundred pictures.


Dartmoor 1

Whilst creating this time-lapse we shot a behind the scenes video which explains how we approached the shoot. It covers what equipment was used, selecting a location, how to setup the camera and how to setup the time-lapse controller. This video will be useful if you are looking to incorporate time-lapse into your video projects and will give you an understanding of how much can go into what is only a few seconds of actual video.





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