WP_20151011_044DJI recently released a firmware upgrade that unlocks a host of new features for the Phantom 3, these include: follow me, way points and most interesting for me, point of interest. The point of interest mode allows you to select a location or object to focus on, and the Phantom 3 will continuously face it, no matter how you fly. It’s effectively a type of autopilot that allows you to circle an object and keep the camera permanently locked on that object, something that is very difficult to do when flying manually. The mode is very simple to use, and you can easily change the radius and altitude of the path it takes around the object, you can also control the camera so combining a circular flight with a camera tilt up or down is also possible. You can see the new mode in action towards the end of this video that I shot recently over the Atlantic Coast. Overall I’m very impressed with this new option and it adds even more functionality to these fantastic bits of kit, I will definitely be using it more and more whilst filming.