DJI_0005The DJI Phantom 3 which I have had for a couple of months now has quickly become one of my all time favorite film making tools. With the rise of drones in film making, terms like “game-changer” and “revolutionary” have been banded around a lot, however, in the case of the Phantom 3 this type of  hyperbole is not far off. It’s a fantastic piece of kit that allows you to easily and (relatively) cheaply capture some stunning visuals. A case in point of this was a recent event called the Big Swim which takes place down in Cornwall. This is an open ocean charity swim event with a few hundred entrants. As I had a few friends taking part I thought it would be a great opportunity to take the Phantom 3 out and do some filming.

A key point and one that I discuss in this post  is taking time to plan you flight and think about the type of shots you want to get. Just like any type of filming pre-production is important  in ensuring a high quality output. It is also essential to operate safely and legally and so you want to make sure you have time to plan your flight and make sure you will not be flying too close or over any people. Getting there early I was able to operate safely form a cliff top position and with the use of a trained spotter (highly recommend) to keep a visual on the aircraft at all time I was able to get some excellent footage. The flight time of the Phantom 3 is about 20-25 minutes depending on conditions and how you fly it, however,  if you plan properly this is plenty of time to get good shots. I typically carry at least two batteries so I am able to fly longer. The film below was all shot in a single day with a second location shoot for sunset. It was cut in Premiere Pro CC 2015 and graded with the new Lumetri Colour Panel, which is a joy to use. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it.


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