I’ve been testing out two bits of new kit from Konova recently, their new Motorized System and their Master Pan, both bits of kit are very interesting to me from a film making and time-lapse perspective.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not paid by Konova for these reviews, I use their kit purely because I think it offers a great balance between quality and value for money and allows me to get the type of shots I’m after as a film maker.

The Konova Master Pan

This is a very simple, yet clever piece of kit allows you to perform smooth fluid and repeatable panning moves whilst performing a slide move. It attaches to Konova’s existing range of sliders and allows you to position your camera to perform either a parallax effect where the camera continually points at an object, or a panoramic pan where the camera follows an object moving across the frame. I’ve enjoyed using this bit of kit and will be adding it to my kit bag as it really helps add production value and interest to traditional slider shots. You can see an in-depth look and review in the video below:

The Konova New Motorized System (MS)

The new motorized system improves on Konova’s existing motorized kit by slimming down the size and weight and improving the overall design, it doesn’t unfortunately add any real functionality other than built in limit switches, but to be honest there isn’t much more you can add to a motor system anyway. The unit functions very well and is definitely lighter and more compact than their last offering. It’s also marginally quicker to set-up, with an improved belt system that doesn’t get as tangled as the last one. For me the main advantages are that it gives that little bit of extra room in the kit bag for another lens or piece of filming kit and saves me a few seconds when setting up in the field. You can see my full review of the Konova new motorized system in the video below.

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