With the popularity of drones these days they are hard to ignore, I have only just  got into flying them but have been quickly blown away at the types of shots that can be achieved. As with any technology that starts to mature the price comes down and the kit gets better and better, I have been using the DJI phantom 3 Professional and it really does everything it says it can very well indeed, and all for a (relatively) affordable price. The image quality and the control over the camera settings is excellent and you can really use this piece of kit to achieve some stunning aerial footage, it’s also so much fun to fly!

I shot this recently whilst on holiday in Romania. All the footage is from the Phantom 3 Professional and was shot in 4096x2160P @24fps, it was edited in Premiere CC2015 and graded with the new Lumetri Color Panel.

I have been practising a lot with this new drone and I am still learning a lot when it comes to flying it and using it for maximum effect. I though it would be useful to summarise some of the things I have learned in the last few months and make a video to help others get the most cinematic shots possible from drones. Feel free to ask and questions or leave your own tips in the comments below.



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