I’ve recently been trying out a new technique that involves using some of the colour grading functionality built in to Adobe Premiere CC to change the colour temperature of a scene over a short period of time to give the illusion of a time-lapse style sunset in real time video. The technique involves a few steps but is relatively quick and easy:

1. Firstly I create  rough masks and feather them  to separate the land and sky and then grade these using RGB curves to get an overall look for the scene.
masks created for sky and land (land one visible here)
2. I then place and adjustment layer over the clip in the time-line and use the Lumetri effect on this adjustment layer to create a before look with a cooler colour temperature and a neutral green/magenta shift.
Cooler colour temp (before sunset)
3 .I then cut the adjustment layer to create two separate adjustment layers that span the one clip, with this second adjustment layer I adjust the Lumteri look to give it a much warmer colour balance and change the tint heavily towards magenta, this gives the illusion of a vivid sunset.
drone grading 5
Adjustment layer split in two, then Lumetri effect on right clip adjusted

Warmer colour temp, warmth and magenta sliders pulled to the right


4. The final part of the process is to placer a cross dissolve between the two adjustment layers to give a gradual change from the before sunset to after sunset look, you can alter the length of the cross dissolve to suit how quickly you want the transition to be.

Here is a full video tutorial that goes through this process step by step: