We have an upcoming shoot that requires a sunny light looking feel. One way of creating this type of visual look is by utilising lens flares. There are generally two types of lens flares, ones associated with sci-fi  are usually quite harsh and often blue, white or red in colour.

Sci-Fi flares are often striking and quite harsh

The other type of flares are associated with sunny, happy upbeat video which tend to have warmer hues of yellow and orange. These sun flares or light leaks as they are often referred to can really help lift a scene and create a warm sort of vibe.  They can of course be very easily over used and can end up being distracting, they key, like with many effects is, less is more.

Warm sun flares give a happy, dreamy feel

One way of introducing flare into your footage is by adding it in post. You can easily create your own or download free flares which you can use to overlay on your footage. You can then play around with the opacity and blend modes to create the look you want. The main problem with this, is the flares often look exactly what they are, overlaid and not part of the original scene. Therefore, by creating them in camera you can achieve a much more organic and realistic effect. The downside is that they are then effectively baked into your footage so you need to be sure they look right. We did a quick practice set-up using a single Dedo lamp to recreate sun flare from a window. If you watch the below video you will get an idea of how this works.





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