Here you’ll find all articles and posts on what I do and how I do it as well as gear and kit reviews

drone grading thumbHow to create time-lapse sunsets in real-time video

An example of how to use colour grading to create beautiful time-lapse sunset, full video tutorial!


point of interest thumbNew point of interest mode for the Phantom 3

Trying out the functionality of DJI’s new firmware


master pan thumbReview of Two New Konova Products

A look at Konova’s new Master Pan and Motorized System


Day by the sea thumbMaking of latest drone film

My latest drone film ” A day by the sea” and how I shot it


Drone thumbUsing your drone for truly cinematic shots

Some thoughts and a video on techniques for getting truly cinematic looking drone footage


VFX thumbAdding furniture to a room with VFX

Remember that Ikea scene from Fight Club? We wanted to pull off a similar shot, here’s how we did it


Accomdation thumbShooting a University Accommodation Promo Film

An idepth look at how we approached creating a film on university halls of residence


konova web thumbVideo Review of the Konova Tripod Stability Arm

We try out Konova’s innovative new product which adds stability to slider shots


Lens-flare-thumbCreating organic lens flare in camera

A quick test on how to create authentic looking sun flares and give footage a warm dreamy feel


 c100-titleCanon C100mkII Initial thoughts and Dual Pixel AF tests

A look at some of the upgrades on the C100mkII and a test of the new Dual Pixel AF technology


corporate promo thumbnail What goes into a short corporate promo film (A making of…)

This post gives you an inside look into how we tackle a corporate film shoot from start to finish


timelapse thumbnailWhat goes into making a single time-lapse shot

Ever wondered how time-lapse shots are made? This video post explains how we create a motion controlled time-lapse shot


multi day shoot thumb nailTackling a multi-day and multi-location video shoot

This post gives you an insight into how we approach more complex corporate film shoots


2.5D thumbnail Slow motion from a single still image (the 2.5D parallax effect)

This post goes over one of the techniques we have used in recent videos of how to animate a single still image to give it a slow motion type effect.